Hood Cleaning

Improper maintenance of your exhaust System not only poses health risk, but greatly increases the chance of fire. A clean system, performs more efficient. Your kitchen stays much cooler and smoke free.

By having your system regularly cleaned, it increases the life of your entire exhaust system. It helps reduce the need for costly repairs, new filters, leaky ducts, worn belts, bad bearings and motors.

The cleaning of your Hood System is a specialized process that requires specialized people and equipment. Hood-Tek's crews are trained in the industries latest cleaning techniques. We have Foaming Technology available for the toughest jobs. Custom chemical degreasers and hot steam are used for our maintained accounts, portable units are used for our "Quiet Zone" jobs. Hood-Tek also has available, Low Odor and Non- toxic chemicals for our most sensitive jobs.

Hood and Exhaust cleaning is not just important, it's required. The National Fire Protection Association requires the operators of Commercial Kitchens to adhere to certain strict guidelines that most Insurance companies follow.

nfpa trained employees


Absolutely No Sub-Contractors